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Premium Ad Formats by TLV Media

On-Video Ads
Ads that are placed on a Flash-based video player.
Website owners can use this ad format to monetize any video player on their site, as the ad is layered on the player and does not need to be integrated to the video file itself.
Minimal ad size displayed - 300*250
On-Video Preview

On-Game Ads
Games sites now have a new monetization tool, allowing them to place display ads on any Flash game window.  Ads can be put as a layer on top of engaging, high traffic games.
Minimal ad size displayed - 300*250
On-Game Preview

Slider Ads
A Slider ad slides from either the bottom, top, right or left hand side of the page and remains constant at its original size upon page scroll up and down. The Slider is an attention grabber as it stays constant on screen, but without intruding the main content on the page. Slider ads are highly effective, typically generating 42% more eCPM than standard same size ads. Sliders are available in the following sizes: 728*90, 160*600, 120*600, 468*60, 234*60, 300*250, 180*150
Slider Preview

Stripe Ad
The Stripe is a configurable text ad placed at the top of the web page with a call-to-action button that leads to a landing page or an ad. The Stripe and button texts are customizable to match your content and audience. It is a site-friendly and user-friendly format, resulting in higher CTR and conversion rate.
Stripe Preview

Popup Ads
Ads that display in a new window on top of or at the bottom layer of a website. There are 2 main Popup formats:
  • Popup – the ad pops as a new window on top of the page the user is visiting . Popup ad has increased visibility, as it appears on top of the original webpage the user visits. Users can opt to close the popup window and get back to the page.
  • Pop-under – a similar format to popup, except it appears in a window lying under the main page the user is viewing, thus usually only seen once the user closes or minimizes the main browser window. Pop-under can appear as Site-under - a full size browser window that is essentially a landing page. Site-under allows advertisers to skip the banner ad stage and bring users’ attention directly to a site or landing page.
  • Popup Preview

    An Interstitial is an ad shown to the user in between web pages, prior to uploading the next page. As the user is waiting for the new page to come up and can focus on the interstitial, such ads usually get more of the user’s attention and generate up to 10 times more revenue. Interstitials are available in the following sizes: 800*440, 800*600, 300*250
    Interstitial Preview

    In-image Ad
    An in-image is an ad that appears as a layer at the bottom part of any image on your site. The ad allows website owners to use visual images as advertising properties and increase revenues without taking away from the space dedicated to site content. Users can opt to close the in-image ad after viewing. Minimal ad size displayed - 234*60
    In-image Preview

    Mobile Ads
    Quickly and easily create ad tags for mobile ad sizes: 216*36, 180*150, 300*50
    Mobile Ads Preview

    InText Ads
    Make revenue from your content by making some of the words on your site serve as contextual targeting ads.
    Example: Hover over any word on this page that has a double underscore.